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Monday, 19 July 2021

Auction Clearances Strong Despite COVID

Auction clearance rates continue to remain solid in spite of the COVID lockdowns in big cities such as Sydney.

Look at the attached auction clearance chart showing the clearance rates for our 5 big cities.

As you can see, the market is staying resilient, being driven by the low interest rates environment and continual buyer demand across both the first home buyer and investor sectors.

What are your thoughts on how the market will go in the coming months?

Monday, 14 June 2021

Vendor Discount Report

Analysing and keeping an eye on market activity and suburb trends is an essential ingredient for successful property investing.

One of the many valuable research reports we offer on is the Vendor Discount report, which tells us how much of a discount properties are being sold for on a suburb-by-suburb basis.

See attached a report we have generated by picking 4 suburbs at random (Castle Hill, Penrith, Marrickville, Epping), showing the monthly vendor discount rates for 2021 to date.

The downward trend in the data indicates a very strong market for property sellers (indicative of a boom) - the vendor discount rates are 'negative', meaning properties in these areas are being sold at a premium (i.e. when comparing actual sold price vs list price).

Learn about key property data points and how to interpret them, and it will give you a significant advantage as a property investor.

You can access all of the market activity and property reports you need by going to and checking out our plans.

Saturday, 29 May 2021

Continued Growth in Australian Housing Market

As stated in the following article by QT, there are signs that we will see continued growth in the Australian housing market - First home or investment property: Which is better for buyers | The Courier Mail

Interest rates are at an all time low, the government has put in place incentives for first home buyers, and there is pent-up demand in suburbs nationwide.

Prices in Sydney have already gone up 11.9%, with the overall price growth forecasted to be almost a 20% increase by end of 2021. Prices are rising at the fastest rate since the late 1980s.

As noted by Louis Christopher from SQM Research, the federal government generally doesn't allow housing crashes to happen in Australia.

While interest rates remain low and there are no major unexpected moves in government policy (and provided that COVID is kept under control), the indications are that we will see continued growth in the Australian housing markets.

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Great Catch-up at Tatersalls Club

It was a great to catch-up yesterday evening at Tatersalls Club - thanks to Mel Morgan for organising it.

Good to meet property investors including those just starting out, and those with established portfolios.

Patrick KolanAnkur JainRobert Crocker, Ashish Malhotra, Michael DompedroShashi VarnakulasingamAjay Ayyar, Michael, Danny

Friday, 16 April 2021

Property Catch-up at West Ryde/Eastwood Club

Great catch up yesterday in West Ryde/Eastwood Leagues club with property investors via Simon Hampel's forums.

Thanks to Danny for organising this - it's always inspiring and motivating to talk about fresh property investment strategies with accomplished property investors such as Liz Harloe, Shashi Varnakulasingam, and David Hanly.

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Property Development and Investing Chat Event

Thanks to James Hamilton for organising the 'Property Development and Investing Chat' event at Greenwood Hotel yesterday evening.

It was great meeting property developers such as Karen BurnsColin Segal from, and property finance technology startup professionals.

This event happens each month in North Sydney and brings together high quality real estate people to discuss property in a relaxed setting, gain further insight regarding property and learn something new.

You can register here to attend future events - Sydney Investors and Property Development (Sydney, Australia) | Meetup.

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Typical Profile of a Tenant

Recently released statistics show that the profile of a typical tenant is that of a female aged between 35-49 who earns above $50,000 per annum.

The statistics also show that less than 30% of people who are looking to rent a property today are men.

The study undertaken by website portal, revealed that less than 17% of prospective tenants are less than 25 years of age.

When preparing your property to rent, take into account not only market conditions but also the likely profile of your prospective tenant and style your property accordingly to achieve a maximum return. 

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Inner City Apartment Prices

Although house prices are seeing significant rises at the moment, Inner city apartment prices are likely to take some time to grow as stated in this article - Sydney, Melbourne inner-city apartment price recovery still a way off (

The significant supply of inner city units in Sydney and Melbourne is a major factor in this. The vacancy rates for units in these areas have also been very high recently, causing landlords to accept significantly reduced rents.

This is something for landlords and potential investors to be mindful of as they consider different options.

Monday, 22 February 2021

Property Investor/Developer Event at Parramatta Club

Thanks to Richard Williams | LinkedIn for organising the property developer/property investor event at Parramatta Club on Sunday evening.

The event allowed us to meet experienced real estate professionals in the areas of property investing, property development, and financing including Shashi VarnakulasingamKelvin Mason, and Shareen Anthony.

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Greenwood Hotel Property Investor/Developer Event

Thanks to James Hamilton | LinkedIn for organising the property investor/developer event at Greenwood Hotel yesterday.

This is a great way for property investors and developers to learn from other investors and to connect and collaborate in this area.

It was good to meet Ricky Chang, Alisa Huang, and Camilo Soza to discuss property investing and development.

Go to Sydney Investors and Property Development (Sydney, Australia) | Meetup to attend similar future events