Property Bookkeeping

Digital Bookkeeping

While it may not be the 'sexiest' topic, bookkeeping is essential for property investors.

Owning a real estate portfolio is essentially the same as running a business - you need to know how much income you are generating, track all of your operational and capital expenses (including recurring and ad-hoc expenses), and stay across your loan repayments.

The advantage of using PropertyDirector is that you have all the digital tools you need to track your portfolio, built specifically for property investors, including a number of in-built smarts to simplify the process.

Upload an unlimited number of statements, and add as many investment properties as you like, as you grow your property portfolio.

Rely on PropertyDirector's award winning digital bookkeeping system built specifically for Australian property investors.

Visualise and Track your Property Portfolio in One Place

PropertyDirector prides itself on providing tools to visualise your portfolio so it can be easily understood at a glance.

By adding your portfolio to PropertyDirector and tracking your financials in one place, you have the advantage of using our property forecasting tools to project the value of your portfolio going forward 10 years, based on our sophisticated algorithms.

Tracking your financials properly using PropertyDirector's digital bookkeeping system also means you can leverage our after-tax cashflow tool to calculate your estimated tax return at the end of financial year.

The advantage of using PropertyDirector is that you can access your portfolio anywhere, anytime, through your mobile phone or laptop.

In-built Smarts

PropertyDirector has developed a number of in-built smarts to simplify the bookkeeping process.

We have developed tools including functionality to bulk-update transactions, replicate transaction patterns, and the ability to auto-calculate your loan repayments at the click of a button.

We also provide investors the flexibility to override specific transactions and calculations if they wish.

Easily share your portfolio details with external parties, such as your accountant or mortgage broker at no extra cost.

Track your portfolio to the lowest level of granular detail, at a high level birds eye level, or both.