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Sunday, 6 December 2020

Thanks to you all and happy festive season

Hi all,

As we approach end of the year, we thought we would publish a quick post to thank our paid subscribers and partners. It's been an odd year to say the least given most of us have had to stay locked in our homes and unable to travel domestically or overseas due to the COVID virus.

The property market has also seemed to be doing quite well, even though many people were writing it off due to the economic impact of COVID, however with interest rates low, the property market still seems to be solid and growing steadily. Once the government financial support runs out (e.g. Jobkeeper and Jobseeker), we may see the market steady or decline for a period of time.

There's likely to be some interesting trends coming up regarding the property market in the coming year or two, such as potentially more people moving from city areas to regionals, and a different type of distribution of population throughout different states in Australia, so it would be worth keeping an eye on how these types of things will impact growth and cashflows in different areas.

Finally, thanks to our subscribers, partners and supporters - we've been growing steadily thanks to you all, and intend to continue this and drive this forward even stronger next year.  

Merry Xmas and New Year to you all and wishing you a wonderful 2021.

Kind regards,

The PropertyDirector Team.